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  'Song 4 Her'  by The Shadow Kings out now as a promo on traxsource.com!

The new track everyone has been waiting for out now on Utopia Boston Recordings. Featuring Boston artist Dee Lavender out now! Includes Alpha Channels remixes!

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  The Shadow Kings at 
1256 Under Ground:

Join us Sat March 22nd @ Machine Hosted by The Boston House Music Coalition for some deep, soulful underground house with yours truly as special guest. Starts at 10pm.

1256 Under Ground is located at Machine on 1256 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02215.

  The Shadow Kings at Darkrooms:

If  seeing us once this month isn't enough, then your in luck! On March 28th head on down to the Good Life, with resident Dj's Case Rock and Judea Stones. Join us as all four of us hand it to you on platter full of hot house tracks for your hungry ears and souls! Always a good vibe at The Good Life!
Starts at 10pm.

The Darkrooms is located at the Good Life on
28 Kingston St.
Boston, MA 02111

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The name came to us back in 1997, we wanted a name that would represent what dance music is all about from our perspective. You first enter the club, you great your friends and acquaintances, and then you wait (sometimes it doesn't take long). Maybe you’re a circle child looking for your opportunity to show your moves. Or you could be just a dancer waiting for that right song to get you lifted and resurrect your soul. Coming out of the shadows and the corners of the club, cause now you’ve heard your song, your track. When the dj plays your song it hits you, it’s seems like it came from nowhere, pulling you out onto the floor.

When you get there, all you see are bodies in the darkness surrounding you with splashes of light and sound that move everyone like an invisible current. We thought the name could also  represents those who just like to sit at the back of the club and absorb it all, to become influenced and feel it. Taking that feeling and turning it into an inspiration to create whatever they do. Whether it’s making there own beats, painting, poetry or anything else. Basically the Shadow Kings represent all these things we feel, see and hear when were djing or just hanging out at a house night, watching the crowd, being in the shadows like everyone else.

On this site we hope you can learn more about how we have been inspired to contribute to house music for the last 12 plus years of listening, dancing, djing and producing.


The Shadow Kings Bio

Since 1996, the Shadow Kings (Kelvin Sylvester and Nick Balodimas) one of the original house music DJ/Producer teams from Boston MA, have moved some of the best dance floors from coast to coast. With styles varying from deep/uplifting soulful house music to classic disco and both coming from immigrant families heavily influenced by music and their cultures. It was natural that they would both eventually meet at a dj record shop in the early 90’s through a mutual friend.

In 1999, they moved into the production aspect of the industry, releasing their first recording, ‘Disco-Nnected’ on Gossip Records (which ended up on a compilation from Italy called ‘Angles Of Love’ mixed By Ted Patterson). With growing success, they released re mixes and original productions for some of the most distinguished house music labels in the industry.

They have been reviewed on some of the most prominent dance music magazines in the UK such as Dj, MUZIK and JOCKEY SLUT Magazine for releases on Chez Music, ‘Catch the Sun’ (2001) and ‘Get Stronger’ (2002). ‘Catch the Sun’ was then released on a mix compilation by Neil Aline of Chez Music called ‘On The Rocks Vol.1’. (which became a huge underground hit) Soon after ‘Get Stronger’ came out, it was licensed on the Ministry of Sound CD ‘Hard Times’. In 2005, the Shadow Kings released the long anticipated ‘Soul Music’ (listed as one of the top 100 downloads on Traxsource for 2005) featuring David Walker with lyrics written by Duane Harden (‘U Don’t Know Me’) on Undo Music, which within that year was licensed on a Seamless Recordings compilation.

In 2004, the Shadow Kings added a talented keyboardist and new member to the team Joe Chinni. Joe is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. His keen, soulful accompaniments have brought the latest Shadow kings’ productions to a noticeably higher level. Which resulted in the underground banger released on Utopia Recordings called ‘Soul-4-Reel’.

Also, a dynamic-multi-talented musician by the name of Yuki Kanaseka began working with the group in late 2005, making an immediate impact on their ability to develop a new, refreshed sound which is reflected on there newer releases.

In turn, 2006 became the year of collaborations for the Shadow Kings The first collaboration began with a local spoken word writer/poet named Liza Zayas. This collaboration turned out to be a success, as they were able to complete a spoken word project called ‘Never Thought’ which is scheduled to be released on Women on Wax Records out of Detroit Michigan.

The second collaboration occurred with a rising artist named Lee Wilson. Lee was named the best-unsigned artist of 2005 by Source magazine.  He made guest appearances on BET’s 106th and Park and the Fox network. At the time, Kelvin completed co-writing a song with his long time friend Duane Harden called ‘So Beautiful’.  It was the perfect song for Lee Wilson’s debut with the Shadow Kings The song was signed to Soul Funk Digital Records (UK) and was released in early 2007. In addition, the Shadow Kings were given an opportunity to remix Lee Wilson’s single, ‘Life’, due for release soon.

In closing the year of 2007, they collaborated with the Groove Doctors on a project for the legendary Arnold Jarvis called ‘Never Cared’. It became a pivotal release for the Shadow Kings on Soul Funk Digital Records in 2007.

In the spring of 2007, the Shadow Kings began their weekly syndicated live dj show called ‘Soul-4-Reel’ on handzonradio.fm (Steadily one of the newer Internet radio stations raising eyebrows all over the world.) The Shadow Kings have now gained an even bigger fan base all over the world, which just gets stronger every day.

Now it’s 2008, expect to hear allot more of the Shadow Kings, Producers and Dee Jays for the next generation! The Shadow Kings can also be found on My Space at www.myspace.com/theshadowkings.


Nick Balodimas a.k.a. Niko


Kelvin Sylvester


Joe Chinni


Yukie Kanaseka

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